News - Composercat - GUI for Composer (PHP)

17 July 2017 Composercat 0.4.0 released.

Today we are happy to announce the next version of Composercat with many new and exiting features. Download here.

1. Package comments

You can now add comments to packages.

screenshot that displays adding a comment to a package

The comments are displayed in the package list and they offer a convenient way to set reminders, TODOs, warnings and explanations about why a specific package was added to the project.

screenshot that displays the comments added to packages

The comments are stored in composer.json under the extra key so they can be viewed and edited by people who don't use Composercat. Here's what the composer.json file would look like in your text editor:

screenshot of a section of composer.json that displays the added comment

Download Composercat 0.4.0 now

2. Updates and outdated packages

Composercat now includes a nice view of outdated packages. Packages that should be updated are displayed in red, packages that may be updated in yellow.

screenshot that displays the color-coding of outdated packages

3. Installing composer

Composercat can now install Composer automatically for you. All you need is a working PHP installation. The latest version of Composer will be installed locally in the project's directory.

screenshot that displays the button to install Composer

Download Composercat 0.4.0 now

4. Creating a project from an existing package

You can now use Composercat to create a project from an existing package (like you would with composer create-project). It's as easy selecting a package and you can take advantage of the auto-complete feature provided by Packagist.

screenshot that shows how to create a project from an existing package

5. Autocomplete for Drupal projects

Composercat's autocomplete now works with Drupal's Composer repositories (alongside Packagist). This feature is only available for Drupal projects. All you need to do is configure it in repositories or create a project from a Drupal template package.

screenshot that displays the autocomplete from a Drupal Composer repository

Download Composercat 0.4.0 now

"Makes managing PHP dependencies and packages seem like child's play" - Softpedia

Composercat works on Windows, Mac and Linux. Download now.